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1. Wiener Störcaviar

The fish farm and us

About us

In 2002, due to the supply narrow pathes of Russian and Iranian caviar, the idea of producing sturgeon caviar also in Austria was growing. The excellent water and climatic conditions spoke for a production in Austria from the beginning on. The crystal-clear and highly mineralized mountain water, which represents the largest capital in the sturgeon breed, can be found in Austria in some places.

For almost 15 years I have been involved in the rearing of sturgeon and the production of sturgeon caviar. My passion became a profession. In a long-lasting learning process which included many setbacks, we were able to present our first own sturgeon caviar in autumn 2014.

the fish farm

Our fish farm is located in beautiful central Burgenland where even the Romans recognized the economic and agricultural benefits. The southern Neusiedlersee also offers a good basis for fishing and viticulture with its climate.

Our Siberian sturgeon are swimming in natural ponds and spring water with a high mineral content which is crucial for a delicate shell and the pure fine taste of the caviar.